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Welcome to Zohair Bushnaq Consultancy Office

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Zohair Bushnaq Consultancy Services was established in the spring of 1989 and since the organization’s inception, the range of consultancy services has developed to meet both the demands within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states.

The achievements of the organization, within this space of time, are manifold. In the Services provided, professional standards were exemplified and a very good reputation was established thus resulting in a marked increase in the number of clients requesting our consultancy services.

The underlying philosophy of the organization is primarily tied in with the concept of helping the client throughout the development of the identified project. This philosophy is applied whether it is a multi-million Riyal project or a small project of limited financial value.

Work Teams:

The organization employs a number of experts, consultants as well as specialists in their field of expertise. For all projects a work team is identified with duties assigned to each member of the team.

Apart from the full-time employees, the organization has affiliated with it, a number of part-time staff who are experts in their field of work even at university and professional levels. Working closely with the aforementioned expert personnel the investigating and research team members carry out the required research and prepare the required information, data and statistics for the case studies.

The office is also set-up with an up to date systems of E.D.P. as well as word processing which can be undertaken in both Arabic and English languages.

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